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Using Schmitt's exim4 Module

David Schmitt has
quite the module collection going on.

I found installation/usage of the
exim4 module a
bit confusing, so here are my notes.

  • Install his common module. There instructions in the read me; it boils down to "stick this in modules/common and put "import common" somewhere in your manifests".
  • Install his exim4 module in your modules directory.
  • To actually use it, you'll want to put "include exim4" somewhere. I put this in my templates.pp for "smarthostclass", i.e. smarthost mail machines; see Puppet Best Practices.
    • Wherever you did that, you'll need to define your organization. Before "include exim4" add: $organization = "Some Org"
    • Also: $admin_mail = "user@org.org"
    • If you're using a smarthost setup (i.e. all mail goes to a central server) add "include exim4::with_smarthost", and before it put: $smarthost = "mail.org.org"
    • You probably want spamassassin: "include spamassassin"
  • You'll want to move/copy modules/exim4/conf_with_scanning to modules/exim4/basic_conf. These are the config changes that will be pushed out to the remote /etc/exim4/ directory.
  • Unless you have an old ssmtp installation, I suggest you comment out everything in exim4/files/basic_conf/conf.d/router/140_local_admin_hosts
  • Unless you're using munin, you'll need to comment out munin::plugin in modules/exim4/manifests/init.pp