My FireFox Extensions

My current configuration (early Sep 2008) of FireFox addons, and
hence this page, is (ahem) inspired by Furl partially breaking
in the presence of TabMixPlus. Having said that, I'm actually
happier with what I have now than I was before, so here it is.

  • Furl Tools
    • Furl allows you to save copies of any web pages you go to; it's a combo of bookmark manager and private search engine.
  • Session Manager
    • A replacement for the built-in FF3 session saver, Session Manager has an undo function for both tabs and whole windows, which I need.
  • Tab Kit
    • A great tab management add-on that groups tabs so I can hide all the bits from one site; great when I've got a bunch of pages open from the same reference, like the MySQL manual or whatever.
  • Quick Paste/TinyPaste Uploader
    • Drag mouse, right click, select TinyPaste, get link, IM. Good stuff.
  • TinyUrl Creator
    • Quick access to tinyurl
  • LastTab
    • Makes ctrl-tab do the right thing (bounce between most recently used tabs).
  • HightlightAll
    • Highlights all instances of a word.