Table Be Round

"Table Be Round" is a parody/cover of
Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back,
done by Robot Chicken. Ask youtube or whatever for it; it's around.

Since I've had it stuck in my head for several days, I'm going to go
ahead and do a public service by writing down the words. Those I can
understand anyways. The rest will just be question marks. If you
know something I don't, please
send me an e-mail.

<pre> All, shouting: To King Arthur, and Camelot! King Arthur: Sir Belvedere, how goes the quest? Sir Belvedere: distant mumbling King Arthur: What? Sir Belvedere: distant mumbling King Arthur: Uh, well then, Sir Lancelot? Sir Lancelot: distant mumbling King Arthur: *sigh* This is a disaster! Can't anyone help? Sir Mix-A-Lot: Yo, wassup King Arthur!? King Arthur: Sir Mix-A-Lot! music starts Sir Mix-A-Lot: This Table's long but it should be Round. King Arthur can't hear a sound. When a knight tries to talk, that brother's got to walk 'bout half a freaking block to be heard. Can't hear a word, cause this table is so absurd. Us Knights got much to discuss Cuz this table's ridiculous Balky (from the 80's TV show Perfect Strangers): Don't be ridiculous Sir Mix-A-Lot: Belvedere can't hear! Yo, can you pass me some beer? Sir Belvedere: Say what? Sir Mix-A-Lot: It's twenty feet by eighty, can't even flirt with ladies. Better have long arms when you're having a meal If you're tryin' ta cop a feel! We need a new proportion To bring our kingdom fortune. I've got an idea that might work fer ya, I'm gonna make this mother circula' Sir Galahad! Sir Galahad: Yeah? Sir Mix-A-Lot: Percival! Sir Percival: Yeah? Sir Mix-A-Lot: Do you wanna hear the others talk? All Knights: Hell yeah! Sir Mix-A-Lot: Then bring it in, set it down, it's like King Arthur's crown, table be round! Table. Be. Round. Now with this circulation, we can have nice conversation! Verizon Guy: Can you hear me now? Knight 1??: I can hear! Knight 2??: Holy cow! Sir Mix-A-Lot: Make every knight say All Knights: Wow! King Arthur: Now you know that we cannot fail when we're looking for the Holy Grail! Sir Mix-A-Lot: 360 on the paramater, you know hos like diameter! All: Table be round! x3 music ends, sort of At this point, Sir Mix-A-Lot says a couple of things in the background and a bunch more in the foreground that are totally incomprehensible to me. Please help. :-) </pre>